One of the wonderful aspects of homeschooling in Idaho is the complete freedom parents have to direct the education of our children. 

CHEER's co-op is meant to provide an opportunity for our kids to connect with friends and learn how to function in a classroom setting. We like to offer unique classes that you might not do at home, or are better suited to be held in a group setting. CHEER members are not required to participate in co-op, but, many do.

Want to join us for co-op?

We'd love to have you! We'll be starting the waiting list for Spring semester soon. To be eligible to register for co-op, you'll need to complete the following requirements before January 19, 2017:

1. Be a member of CHEER
2. Attend 2 CHEER functions 

In the meantime, the FAQs below will give you a brief overview of our co-op.

How often does the co-op meet?

We meet the 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month during the school year. Co-op begins at 9:30 AM and concludes at noon. Each 1st through 12 grade student takes two classes during that time.

What classes do we offer?

Our co-op is unique in that members choose to participate based on being a member of the community, not based upon what classes are being offered. Since we all are expected to teach at least one semester, parents decide which classes are offered. Some classes that have been offered in the past can be found here.

Teach?! I'm new to homeschooling...I am worried about teaching my own kids, let alone someone else's.

Don't worry! We have opportunities that will work for those a little unsure about teaching. :) Love babies or toddlers? How about "teaching" in the nursery or preschool room? We have a supply of curricula that is available to use so no one has to reinvent the wheel.

Also, we don't expect folks new to CHEER to teach their first semester with us. :) 

What age kids can do co-op?

We have nursery-aged children through high schoolers. Each family will have at least one school-aged child in order to participate in co-op.

Where is co-op held?

Co-op takes place at Calvary Baptist Church on Cole between Franklin & Overland. We're so grateful for the church for allowing us to utilize their facilities!

Do I drop my kids off at co-op?

The CHEER co-op is a true co-op in that everyone helps in some capacity. Each parent teaches at least one semester per year.

How much does it cost?

Co-op registration is $20 per semester, plus a facility of $20 that does directly to the church. Occasionally, some classes may incur a supplies fee, which is published at the time of registration.

Why can't we just participate in co-op without being members of the CHEER support group?

Think of CHEER as a support group that also happens to have a co-op. We're striving to build a community in CHEER. We're all about developing relationships and while co-op participation is terrific, it's hard to get to know more that just the parents and kids that happen to be in the class you're participating in. Coming to our parent support meetings, park days, field trips and other events allows us to cultivate deeper and richer relationships with one another.

CHEER is pleased to offer a co-op for our active members We encourage you to read more about the co-op policies

Interested in learning more about CHEER? We welcome your questions!