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CHEER Group Policy

CHEER Support Group meets on the third Thursday evening at Calvary Baptist Church in Boise, during the months of September through May. We do not meet during December.

Nursing infants are the only children that may accompany their parents to the monthly CHEER Support Group meetings.

Our support group does not carry any type of insurance for you or your children. Parents are expected to carry their own insurance. Parents will not hold the support group and/or the organizers of activities liable in the event they or their children are injured.

The success of each CHEER event depends on parent participation, such as planning, executing, set-up, and cleanup.

In order that no one person or family becomes overburdened with the responsibilities of the CHEER Support Group, we ask that every family commit to help with our activities in one or more of the following ways each year:

  1. Actively participate on Leadership or Co-op committee (added qualifications apply).

  2. Actively serve entire year as Librarian.

  3. Actively serve entire year as Library Assistant.

  4. Organize and lead at least one (1) field trip or service project.

  5. Serve on the Ice Cream Social or Potluck Planning Committee.