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CHEER Library Policy

CHEER library materials are available for all current members whose dues are paid in full. Our library contains books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, and audio tapes. We encourage all members to take advantage of these great resources. If there is an item you would like the library to acquire, please submit the title to the librarian or our leadership committee for consideration. A portion of our membership dues is used to procure new library materials.

Please help us be good stewards of these resources by keeping in mind these guidelines:

  1. Checkout Period: All materials must be returned at the next scheduled Support Group meeting (materials may not be checked out at May’s meeting). If you need extra time to use the material, please contact the CHEER librarian (Library@CHEER-Boise.com) first. Items may be renewed only if no other member is waiting to check out that specific item.

  2. Check out Limit: A total of three (3) items per member may be checked out.

  3. Library Fees: At present, there is no fee to check out materials.

  4. Checkout Card: Each item available for checkout (except catalogs and magazines) has a checkout card which must be completed prior to checkout. On the card, please include your first and last name, your current phone number, and the date that item was checked out. For books, the checkout card is located in the book pocket inside the front cover of the book. For DVDs, CDs, or audio tapes, the associated cards are stored in a card file box by alphabetical listing. (This file box is usually located on the library table.) Once the card is filled out, please place it in the small wire basket also located on the library table.

  5. Returning Materials: Please place your returned materials in the “Return” box on the floor by the library table.

  6. Honor System: The CHEER library operates on the honor system. There are no fines for late materials. We ask and expect all members to be good stewards of these materials by keeping track of them and returning them on time.

  7. Damaged Materials: Accidents sometimes happen. We feel confident our members will be honest and forthcoming to our librarian about any damage to CHEER library materials. However, if the damage is extensive or ruins the material’s use or enjoyment by others, you may be asked to pay the replacement cost of that item.

  8. Lost Materials: If you lose library materials, we ask that you notify the librarian immediately. You will be asked to pay the cost of replacing that item.

  9. Late Materials: Any item that was not returned at the next scheduled Support Group meeting will be included in the list of late materials. We may also call or email a friendly reminder.

  10. Donations: We welcome appropriate new donations to the library. Please give the items to the librarian or a leadership committee member for review. Some materials aren’t in the scope of our library. If we don’t use it, we will donate/sell the item. If sold, the money goes to purchase other library items.