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CHEER Membership Policies

All Members:

  1. Sign our Statement of Faith and Waiver of Liability, located in the online membership information form.

  2. Abide by all CHEER policies.

  3. Pay $20 per family CHEER Support Group membership fee.

    The CHEER Support Group yearly membership fee covers meeting speakers and materials, name tags,  copying costs, book and DVD purchases for the CHEER library, and certain special activities planned throughout the year.This membership fee is payable at the beginning of every school year (regardless of initial join date). If our $20 membership fee presents a financial hardship for your family, please contact a Leadership Committee member for payment options. Fees may be waived for one year in certain cases.

  4. Volunteer once per year. 

New & Returning Members:

  1. Complete online membership information form.

  2. Attend at least two (2) CHEER functions, in the 4-month period immediately following submission of application. This includes the mandatory information Support Group meeting in August (if it falls during said 4-month period).

  3. Visit with a member of the CHEER Leadership Committee

Continuing Members:

  1. Attend a minimum of two (2) CHEER functions per semester, including the mandatory information Support Group meeting in August.